Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Patron's Speak Out

For I while I have had requests to post for the Savoy blog. I have three of my own to keep up with and have been in demand of late due to an article in the local paper about my writing. However, I am here now and will try to post as I can. This first post is actually a prompt from a patron of Savoy. While I know that I will probably have my rights to post here after this and ultimately be fired at the Savoy, I will commence.

The early part of 2008, I was in need of a jazz DJ for the jazz club where I hosted and would later manage. I contacted a DJ advertising himself as a jazz DJ and then proceeded to audition him at a rock venue. I hired him and began to love his style and music. March 17th he invited me to a jazz club that he and a couple others were opening called The Savoy. The build was sharp. He DJd that event so I was happy to have the chance to return for their grand opening and enjoy other regular DJs at the Savoy. I quickly learned that Bill Mondegreen, another owner, was also a formidable jazz DJ. In fact all of the DJs at Savoy were top quality whether playing blues or jazz.

Perhaps I am a bit bias as I mainly speak of one who has been one of my best friends in SL for a long time. However, I am not alone in my belief of his talents and knowledge of jazz. DJ Crighton Johin has proven himself an expert in the field of music in general and jazz specifically. Every event he DJs, at Savoy, Bistro Olive, Parky’s Pub, etc., is an education for all listeners. He knows his audience as well as he knows his music and goes the extra mile to make sure that all within the sound of his stream are well satisfied and leave wanting more, yet fully satiated.
Rumor has it that Crighton is the best jazz DJ in all of SL. If you don’t believe me (as I said, I am a bit bias on the subject) then take it from a patron of the Savoy:

Straight Ahead Jazz with DJ Crighton Johin

I consider myself something of a connoisseur of music. My musical tastes are broad and eclectic. I have been listening to Jazz for the past 30 or so years beginning with my first purchase at age 18 of Miles Davis' Kinda Blue.

In SL I have been disappointed by many "jazz clubs" (perhaps this was due to my personal tastes). However on further inspection I found that those clubs approached a very limited range of what may be considered Jazz. Many clubs played, almost exclusively latin jazz, or perhaps fusion and so on.

So when I arrived at the Savoy one night I was skeptical. But what I was hearing impressed me. DJ Crighton was spinning some excellent be-bop and hard-bop from the 50's and immediately my hears perked. Those periods are my personal favorite and as the set continued and the night lingered on the polish of the Savoy shown brightly.

In my discussions with DJ Crighton I learned that he truly has a vast knowledge of Jazz not only from the period that I enjoy most. His sets are "traditional" in that his foundation is Jazz of the 1950's and 1960's yet his knowledge goes far beyond that and reflects his awareness of more current trends and modern composers.

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  1. I to have been gifted by the extreme pleasure of listening to Crighton, "Crightonize, Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon(my fav), Herb Ellis, Wes Montegomery, Coltrane or Ray Brown" Each gig is an education.

    But the major factor everyone seems to miss is that his love for Jazz transends the term "Obsessive". The man is obsessed beyond what could be considered healthy. His knowledge vast, his love for jazz endless.

    I am proud to call Crighton a great friend. He helps feed my passion for music. For that I owe him.

    Do yourself a favor, take 1 hour, listen to him, then ask him about Cowboy Junkies. You won't be disappointed.

    Thanks C!! Hugs and Love.... Isobela Capalini/Colette Tuteur....