Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary Savoy

On March 17, 2008, I stepped foot for the first time in The Savoy. I was in my tartan ball gown for Irish day and then attended the end of a gig put on by Crighton. He was heading directly to Savoy, which was not officially open, to do a jazz set. Oh the good ole days when Crighton would DJ three and four gigs back-to-back. It was this day that I met Jenda and Bill, the owners of Savoy and felt honored to be a part of something so wonderful. A couple weeks later a grand opening was held and I made sure I attended it.

The grand opening was a spectacular. All the DJs played, as well as some live talent. I wasn't there for the entire day, but I got enough of a taste to know The Savoy would be there for the long haul. About a month later, it was announced that The Savoy was moving. It didn't take long for the move to take place and soon the new open was greeted on Marco Island. With the fantastic club on the ground and a quaint skybox above, Savoy is diverse in its presentation.

One year ago, I was honored to not only attend the first anniversary celebration, but I was a hostess for some of the DJs. I have continued to be a hostess for Savoy (something I said I would never do). I love every moment spent there. the DJs are amazingly talented and the patrons (barring the infrequent griefer running about nekkid) are beyond compare. Last week Savoy celebrated its second anniversary. While I was unable to attend due to Passover, my heart was there celebrating the best jazz and blues club in Second Life.

If you have a chance to stop by, you will not be disappointed. Marco Island is well worth the time to roam about, relax and hang out. Congratulations Crighton Johin and The Savoy.

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